Services For Individuals

Our personal cybersecurity packages are analogous to a home security system, but rather than taking physical measures to protect yourself from threats at your doorstep, these services protect your online activity with a digital defense system against criminals all over the the world.

Services are highly adaptable for a broad range of users ranging from the tech-indifferent person with minimal online activity to the highly exposed executive with frequent international travel.

With each service option, you receive a suite of tools as well as education and techniques to support your online activity.

Service Options

Initial Security Setup


The Initial System Setup is the foundation on which we build every client's customized security plan. This is the first step in ensuring you have the tools and training needed to successfully manage your devices' security.

Advanced Security Assessment


For clients who prefer to be hands-off with their cybersecurity needs, we provide an annual review to ensure your system is running smooth and to keep your security measures current.

Initial Security Setup

All our clients begin with an Initial Security Setup. This service includes a package of tools and training to equip you with all the  security essentials. We  provide you with a secure browser, password management system,  virtual  private network (VPN), anti-virus protection, and communication tools to support all your online activities.


Every Initial Security Setup consultation is done in-person so that we may give you one-on-one training and answer any additional questions.


Advanced Security Assessment

Once you're set up with the necessary security defenses, ensure you stay up-to-date with an annual check-up. 

The Advanced Security Assessment will include an in-depth review of the following areas:

  • Account Credentials

  • Social Media Presence

  • Mobile Devices

  • Desktop & Cloud  


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