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Concierge Cybersecurity

What We Offer

The Stabers Group offers exclusive cybersecurity and IT services to select clients. We provide training, tools, setup, and education for private estates

and small- to medium-sized firms.


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Cybersecurity Plans

IT Services

We design and implement customized personal security plans tailored around you.

Employee Training &

Risk Management Consulting

We offer cybersecurity consulting and training to local businesses to keep our economy protected.

Interagency Training &

Community Outreach Programs

We partner with law enforcement entities to maximize education, prevention, and reporting.

The Stabers Group

HQ: +1 970 . 315 . 2678

Aspen, CO

Basalt, CO

Carbondale, CO

The Stabers Group is a Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned Small Business registered with the State of Colorado.

We recommend verifying any company's legitimacy when shopping for cybersecurity services.

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